Aspern IQ

Overview/ Key Technologies

Owner: City of Vienna
Architect: ATP Wien
Energy concept: renewable power + environmental heat + waste heat
Location: Vienna
Construction Date: 2012

Key technologies

  • Small electrical heat pump for utilization of server heat
  • Ground water heat pump
  • Photovoltaics
  • Small wind turbine 10 kW


Gross heated floor area: 10.620 m²
Primary energy need: 66,8 kWh/m2/y (OIB 6)
Final energy consumption: 51,8 kWh/m2/y (OIB 6)
Specific heating energy consumption:8 kWh/(m2a) (OIB 6)
Specific cooling energy consumption:10 kWh/(m2a) (OIB 6)
Specific hot water energy consumption:5,4 kWh/(m²·a) (OIB 6)
Specific electricity consumption (excl. hot water and heating)45,0 kWh/( m²·a) (OIB 6)