Owner: Owner´s Association
Architect: Julia Metzendorff/ Gerold Köhler
Energy concept: gas condensing heater with solar thermal warmers
Location: Eggenstein-Leo

Key technologies:

  • thermal insulation (16 cm polystyrene)
  • best quality of heat-bridges and airtight envelope in cooperation with an energy consultant
  • decentralized ventilation system with heat recovery (2 system/ apartment
  • gas condensing heater with solar thermal warmers


Net heated floor area: 1006 m²
Primary energy need: 37 kWh/m2/y
Specific heating energy consumption:35,84 MWh/(m2a)
Specific cooling energy consumption: 0 kWh/(m2a)
Specific hot water energy consumption: 14,34 MWh/(m²·a)
Specific electricity consumption (excl. hot water and heating) 4.167 kWh/( m²·a)


PV installed power: 0 kWp-
Solar thermal installed power: 24 m2
Biomass installed power: 0 kW
Other RES power: 0
Annual RES generation:- kWh/y (% coverage Primary energy need)