Module I: Create new nZEB Business models and find out about over 60 existing business models of nZEBs   Business Model Canvas
Module II: Cost-benefit analysis of nZEBs for Project Developers   nZEB Revenues (Developer)
Module III: Findings and insights of the multi-objective building life cycle cost and performance analysis of the CRAVEzero case studies.   Case Study Dashboard - Frontrunner Buildings
The EU Horizon 2020 Project "CRAVEzero" focuses on proven and new approaches to reduce the costs of nZEBs at all stages of the life cycle. The primary goal is to identify and eliminate the extra costs for nZEBs related to processes, technologies, building operation and to promote innovative business models considering the cost-effectiveness for all stakeholders in the building’s life cycle. About
Module IV: Organize a nearly zero energy building's lifecycle in a process map   nZEb Processes
Module V: soon to be released   LCC Database (coming soon)
Module VI: Track and Manage an nZEB Project Throughout the Whole Life Cycle   Life Cycle Project Management
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Module VII: A simplified web version of the CRAVEzero LCC tool provides an easy-to-use tool to perform preliminary LCC calculation.   Life Cycle Cost Calculator
Module VIII: The “CRAVEzero-life-cycle-tracker” is a shared interdisciplinary tool for all stakeholders in the life cycle of nZEBs (Excel - Download)   nZEB Life Cycle Tracker Tool
Module IX: The CRAVEzero spreadsheet is a comprehensive tool to perform life-cycle cost analysis for nZEBs. (Excel - Download)   nZEB LCC Tool