Owner: Brf Solallén (Tenant owned)
Architect: Skanska Teknik
Energy concept: Net ZEB
Location: Växjö (Sweden)
Construction Date: 2015

Key technologies:

  • Well insulated and air tight
  • Balanced ventilation with heat recovery
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Photovoltaic panels


ross heated floor area: 11 500 m²
Primary energy need: 23,3 kWh/m2/y (for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and SHW only)
Final energy consumption: 9 kWh/m2/y
Specific heating energy consumption: 3,9 kWh/(m2a) primary energy
Specific cooling energy consumption: 0,0 kWh/(m2a)
Specific hot water energy consumption: 8,9 kWh/(m²·a) primary energy
Specific electricity consumption (excl. hot water and heating) 11,4 kWh/( m²·a) primary energy, lighting & ventilation only


PV installed power: 120 kWp
Solar thermal installed power:None
Biomass installed power: None
Other RES power: -
Annual RES generation: 115 MWh/y
100% coverage Primary energy needs